Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Who Can Glean? What is Required?

Anyone can glean! Please note that the work is outdoors and can be physically demanding for some. We encourage groups to get involved in our gleaning trips like schools and churches. In some cases transportation is available for school groups. In other cases carpooling is an option. We will send out emails to our list of volunteers when there is an opportunity. Hopefully we can give a week's notice!

Tomatoes for Thousands

Last month in August and this month, thousands of pounds of tomatoes were gleaned by many on the west side of the Connecticut in Whately. Because of a bumper crop that managed to avoid the blight but was too soft for production, the tomatoes had to be gleaned.

More than five different trips were made to the farm where people from All Saints Church in South Hadley, some families from Sunderland and Holyoke and individual volunteers showed up. We were able to get at least four car fulls and more out to pantries such as Kate's Kitchen and Not Bread Alone in Amherst and survival centers in Franklin and Hampshire Counties this month.

There is more where that came from in the coming months. Please join us!